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Welcome Grade 6 and other visitors. I will be posting sites of interest on this page that have been discussed in my class.

Room # 4: A Grade 6 Blog


Ether Pad


Click on the sites below to play some music games!

Create Music
Record your own music.

Social Studies

Chapter 2: Manitoba Enters Confederation

Louis Riel Research Project Handout
1. Right Click on the file
2. Click "Save Target As"
3. Save the file to the Shared Folder as NamesInGroup_Riel.doc EX) Kara_Rachel_Austin_Riel.doc
4. Open the file and begin typing your research in.

Louis Riel (Wikipedia Article)
Louis Riel (Saskatchewan Archives Board)
Louis Riel (The Heritage Centre)
Louis Riel (Biography)
Louis Riel (Dictionary of Canada)
Time Line
Historica Minute

From Sea to Sea

The Opening of the West



Diversity of Living Things Unit


Use this website to discover how different animals have adapted to their habitats. Remember animals have structural and behavioural adaptations!

Canadian Animals

The Solar System

Sizes of the Planets and Stars

Language Arts


Grammar Games (Try and complete only the activities with VERB or ADVERB in the title)
Save the Kooshies
Snowman Grammar

6 + 1 Writing Traits

Ideas for Teaching Writing
Interactive Six Trait Writing